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 Post subject: Fleas
PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 4:26 pm 
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Fleas can be a problem while SIPPING. It would be a good idea to have a couple of products on hand 'just in case'. Vets won't be available anymore than Drs or other medically oriented people, and neither will the exterminators. You'll be on your own with an itchy, crawly problem. Be prepared to handle both the bugs on the dogs and in the house!

Good discussion on fleas can be found at PlanforPandemic:

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For those that do not wish to register, highlights are below, full discussion is at the P4P site:

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I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best course of treatment.

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you have to bomb the house. It's the only way to get rid of them (the fleas, not the dogs). Don't know about unplugging the fridge. Never heard of that. Make sure you take the dogs somewhere else (like maybe to get a flea dip somewhere). Vacuum a lot. Put a flea collar in the vacuum bag and then discard the bag (if you still use a vacuum w/ a bag) as soon as you are done vacuuming. Discard it outside.

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Ortho makes a Home Pest Insect Control Spray. When we had fleas real bad I sprayed weekly the carpets and couches. I have also used the store brand from the Lowes store and it worked just as well. Compare the ingredients to be sure it is the same as Ortho.

I also am a firm believer in Advantage Flea Control. As well as Adams Flea and Tick Spray and Shampoo. They all work great. Just don't use them too close together to OD your dogs.

Adams Spray and Shampoo kill fleas on contact. Great stuff with residual effect.

Advantage for cats can be split: under 9 pounds has .4cc about 10 drops.
Over 9 pounds has .8cc about 21 drops. So a cat under 9 pounds can be treated twice with an over 9 pound vial. I split it in a 1ml syringe. I'm not sure if it works the same way for dogs, check the label to see. Pet Smart also carries Advantage. It is no longer a vet only med.

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Orthene should be available at any home center type store. There are a number of "do it yourself" pest control stores around that you should be able to get Precor or a similar product. Just make sure it says it is a flea growth regulator. As others mentioned, Adams Flea Mist is an excellent product and has a residual effect. I used to mix it 50/50 with head and shoulders shampoo for the cats. Neither the Cats OR the Fleas appreciated it, but it did help with initial control and residual control. Combined with an agressive environmental control program (spraying), you can get on top of the problem. I can't stress enough though the use of the growth regulator to take care of future generations before they become future.

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When you bomb a house you do need to make sure there is nothing can set off a spark. Turn off the gas to the stove, furnace and all that. They tested this on Mythbusters. Granted they used a little more of the bombs than you probably will, but after they set them off, and the house filled with whatever they put in the bombs, there was a sort of explosion, door flew off and all that. Just wanted to warn you.

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..... Bombing is messy and if infestation is rampant, probably necessary. However, if you can get ahead of the problem, stick with Advantage. It is safe for the kids where a flea collar is not as safe and in our expereince, full proof to date. You can buy it from the vet, but due to the expense try 1800petmeds they also have a web site shop it though, you may find better prices elsewhere.

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When we had to do it, the vet advised a four step approach (to be done simultaneously.)

1. Set off the bombs and leave the house

2. Using a garden hose with a detergent attachment (filling the attachment with pesticide) spray the outside of the house -- up to the second storey since fleas can jump several feet.

3. Take dogs to the vet while the house is still being bombed for flea dip.

4. Clean back seat of car, whjile dogs are getting dipped.

After you finish all of that fun, you get to come home and air out the house. THEN all the dishes, glasses, cutlery go into the dishwasher.

Wash all the towels and linens, vac carpets and clean off all surfaces that have the insecticide on them.

Lastly, collapse and have your nervous breakdown from the stress and sheer exhaustion! (It helps to take the next two days off from work to recover.)

Good Luck!!!!!

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From an ex pest control operator.....

Just killing the fleas is not enough. There are probably thousands of eggs just lying around in your carpets and furniture. "Bonbing" them might help for a few days, but it will not get all adults, and will do nothing for the eggs. As distasteful as it is, you have to spray the carpets, and furniture with an appropriate insecticide such as Orthene (smells like a really bad fart, but fades), and you need to add a flea growth regulator such as "Precor". This will kill the adults and prevent most of the eggs from hatching. Thats the good news. The bad news is that no matter how through you are, a few eggs will get missed, and in a few generations, you are right back where you started. So, repeat the spraying in 7 days. Now the really bad news. The animals MUST be de-fleaed on both occasions, or they will just reinfect the house. Now the REALLY , REALLY, bad news. YOu also have to have the yard treated in the same way as the carpets and furniture, or they will just bring them back in from the outside. I don't like spraying all that shit around, particularly with babies in the house, but if you are to really get rid of the problem, you have to bring out the big guns. There are sites that sell diatomataceous earth, boric acid and a bunch of other stuff to control fleas. Save your money. The only one that wins is the merchant. And yes, if you chhose to use the aerosol "Bombs", make surether are no ignition sources in the house or you'll be picking your roof up from the neighbors driveway.

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Okay - all that stuff is fine for now.

For a PREP ...get DE ...diatomaceous earth. A pool store will sell you a 100lb bag for $40.

DE is microscopic...really, really, microscopic prehistoric sea shell life remains. It feels like a super fine powder. But, in reality, it is microscopically razor sharp and it *shreds* fleas and ticks...slashes them up so they dehydrate and die.

For that reason, try NOT to breath it's an irritant.

Basically: this is what "Flea Powder" is....medicated flea powder has some insecticide in it also.

You can spread this around your house and also plant PENNYROYAL which is a flea repellent. Most fleas are fine in the warm wild...they jump on dogs and cats when the weather gets a little cooler, like the fall and ride into the house. Pennyroyal will help prevent this: gets on your dog and also keeps the ticks back. Also, the DE will kill fleas and will make your dogs coat slightly powder gritty....

But... it's pretty good to have around as a prep when you can't get Frontline, etc.

Also, some folks add garlic powder and brewer's yeast to their dogs' food. Most important of all, don't take them back to NJ w/ you. (The fleas, not the dogs.)

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